• 100-Year-Old Car Salesman Still Knows How to Close a Deal

    Derrell Alexander started selling Chevys when Harry Truman was president — and still comes to work six days a week.

  • 2016 Dodge Caravan Confirmed By Spy Shots

    Chrysler plans to launch a new version of its iconic minivan next year — and today spy shots confirmed the Dodge Caravan would live on as well.

  • 2015 Saleen Mustang S302 Black Label Arrives as a 750-hp Hellcat Killer

    Leave it to tuner Steve Saleen to put the Mustang head-to-head with the Dodge Challenger's supercharged kitty

  • DeltaWing unveils new GT race car, paves way for street version

    The DeltaWing has been one of the most innovative motorsports stories in years, proving that you don't need silly horsepower numbers to be fast. That car competes in the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship in the prototype class, as well as at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But this weird looking…

  • How to Win America's Longest, Toughest Endurance Race

    They call it the world’s toughest car endurance race for a reason. Despite a performance advantage over those chasing us, our transmission seemed sure to fail. We were just nine hours into this 25-hour marathon and already we were limited to running just fourth and fifth gear.

  • ‘Top Gear’ Working to Get Back on TV by 2016

    It seems the ‘fracas’ has come to its inevitable close. In a statement released Wednesday by BBC director general Tony Hall, Jeremy Clarkson will not have his Top Gear contract renewed, effectively ending his uninterrupted 13-year run on the show.  The move casts doubt on whether the popular…

  • Real Video Shows Distracted Teen Drivers Moments Before Things Go Wrong

    We've all been there: motoring along, our minds somewhere else, when suddenly our attention snaps back to the road, and we realize that we're barreling toward the back end of a car or a semi or a squirrel. It happens.  ALSO SEE: Ford Feature Can Limit Your Speed According To Signs It happens most…

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  • Porsche Bullies Aston Martin Into Changing GT3 Name

    Naming cars today is a bloody hard conundrum to crack. Gone are the days of Falcons, Interceptors, Novas, and Barracudas, and in their place names like the CT6, or 991, and S660. It’s essentially easier to find the Holy Grail than name a car. Something Aston Martin just found out. Last month, the…

  • Mercedes-Benz makes a pickup? Giddy up, partner

    By the end of the decade, Mercedes-Benz will launch its first ever pickup truck. Yes, a real get-dirty midsized truck with a three-pointed star in its grille. While premium-branded trucks are vir...

  • 10 Most Annoying Car Features

    Every year, we test hundreds of new cars on all types of roads in all kinds of weather. During that time we develop some deep-seated animosity toward certain features, even those that you might not expect.

  • Do they fly or fall? We Review the Bridgestone Trail Wings Tires

    Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up is often said between parting riders. What does it mean? It's a reminder that in order for a rider to be careful, they need to have the rubber (tires) on the ground in order to be

  • Casey Stoner to Race on Two Wheels Again

    If you’re a fan of MotoGP, it’s safe to say you know who Casey Stoner is. The 29 year-old former two-time MotoGP Champion retired in 2012 expressing that he didn’t have the same passion for the series as he once did. He also stated that he wanted to spend

  • This GIF of Every Lamborghini Ever Made Will Mesmerize You

    They say that watching calm, peaceful scenes of stuff like sunsets and oceans is relaxing. This GIF featuring every Lamborghini that has ever been made is the equivalent for gearheads. Once upon a time, the company made tractors, but Ferruccio eventually turned his business into his passion and…

  • Pro Drifter Pranks Driving Instructors: Video

    Leona Chin is a pro driver from Malaysia. She also knows some people who clearly have a beef with some local driving instructors.

  • The disappointing dozen: Cars that fail to measure up

    Look no further than our annual Top Picks list and you’ll see there are many great cars on the market today. At the other end of the spectrum are models that fall well short of being competitive....

  • Watch the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Burn Rubber to Sell Motor Oil

    Car commercials are truly getting better. Partly because most of the new ones are directed less by advertising executives and more by enthusiasts. Look at any automotive ad lately; brands are finally seeing the benefit of letting enthusiasts prescribe what is shown. Case in point, this new Pennzoil…

  • 2015 Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix Weather Forecast

    The 2015 Formula One World Championship continues with round two, the Malaysian Grand Prix, which once again is being held at the hot and steamy Sepang International Circuit, located just outside Kuala Lumpur. It’s not unusual for ground temperatures to exceed 122 degrees F (50 degrees C) during…