• Bentley's surprise sports-car concept aims a fist at Jaguar, Porsche

    The stately British luxury carmaker unveils a concept for a two-seat ultra-expensive sports car

  • This is the last Bugatti Veyron ever built

    Bugatti vows it will return soon — but first, it marks the end of building the world's fastest supercars.

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  • Driving the Lamborghini LM002, Rambo's SUV

    The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is, at the moment, about the most exotic truck you can buy, a juiced-up former military vehicle that packs 536 horsepower and price tag deep in the six figures. Its reign will be short, for soon Mercedes will unveil the G65 AMG, with a twin-turbo V12 and a price that…

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  • Driver optional in the window-less Torq race car

    At the 2015 Geneva auto show, Italian design firm showed off Torq, an autonomous car designed for the race track.>

  • NanoFlowcell Quantino is a Hot Little Hatchback With a 600-Mile Range

    Coming off the lovely looking Quant coupe last year, NanoFlowcell unveiled its new coupe the Quantino at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. It is the first quant low-voltage vehicle in the world, and it looks pretty darn attractive. Just look at those 22-inch wheels. According to info from NanoFlowCell,…

  • Koenigsegg Agera RS Races Into Geneva With 1,160 Horsepower

    Koenigsegg has brought a new, more potent version of its Agera supercar to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The new version is called the “Agera RS”, and it packs a 1,160-horsepower version of the Swedish marque’s familiar twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V-8. By comparison, the current Agera R only…

  • Watch this Recap of One of the Coolest Custom Bike Shows - The One Motorcycle Show

    Starting only 6 years ago, the One Motorcycle show has slowly been growing into one of the most popular and creative custom bikes shows in the

  • 1,160HP Koenigsegg Agera RS is a Whole New Level of Performance

    Few would look to the Koenigsegg Agera – a 1,018 horsepower supercar – and say “Nope, needs more power.” Even fewer would require more muscle than the Agera S and Agera R, good for 1,030 and 1,140 hp, respectively.  But surely if there’s more grunt to be found, someone will ask for it, and Koenigsegg

  • How to get Started in Minimoto USA

    Have you ever gone into a corner on a bike the size of your torso? How about gently tapping the brakes and finding yourself quickly eating pavement as you fly over the handlebars? (Don’t worry, the bike is only 20” tall and you’re going maybe 15mph.) You’ll

  • Brabus Rocket Cranks Mercedes Power to the 887HP Edge

    The top end of the luxury super-sedan market is effectively a game of numbers: who can pack the most power in the best dressed package. German tuning house Brabus knows a thing or two about sky-high horsepower and it’s latest offering is no deviation.  Meet the Brabus Rocket 900: the 887…

  • Who Needs Electric AWD? 1,500-HP Turbo Mustang Goes 8s Like A BOSS: Video

    Eight seconds can be a very long time—just ask a bull rider. But in the world of cars blasting down the drag strip, it’s a pretty darned short time, indeed. This 1,500-horsepower turbocharged street-driven Mustang BOSS makes it look easy.

  • Watch the Honda Civic Type R Dominate the Nurburgring

    You wouldn’t think that a front-wheel drive hatchback could match, much less best, Nurburgring lap times from some of the world’s most vaunted rear-drive sports cars. But that is exactly what happened when Honda took a pre-production version of its stratospheric Civic Type R to the famed German…

  • More Porsche Than Prius—2015 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle Review

    When I first moved to the West Coast I worked at a dealership that sold popular European motorcycles as well as electric bikes—this was my first exposure to them. I then saw these bikes burning rubber while I worked as an AFM (amateur road racing club) turn

  • Behold, The 500HP Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    The Porsche 911 GT3 is an indomitable opponent. It’s characterized by a light chassis and huge amounts of horsepower. It is also righteously filled with the sum total engineering knowledge that Porsche has accumulated throughout the 911’s decades of history. However, in that DNA, throughout all of…

  • 2016 Kia Sorento Recalled For Malfunctioning Gas Pedal

    Kia Motors America has issued a recall for 2016 models of the Sorento crossover. According to a bulletin from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some of those vehicles may suffer from a gas pedal flaw that could prevent them from accelerating. CHECK OUT: The Car Connection's Best…

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  • Audi Prologue Avant Concept Live Photos: 2015 Geneva Motor Show

    The concept was in the shape of a coupe but Audi isn’t planning a large, luxurious two-door just yet. Instead, the Prologue previewed the look of Audi’s future notchback models like its sedans and coupes. Now we have a new Prologue concept, and this one previews the look of Audi’s future…