• Why Finland fined this driver $60,000 for going 14 mph over the limit

    Most of us have been there--you’re nonchalantly cruising about 10 mph over the speed limit, only to notice a police car flash the lights behind you. It’s downer that’ll cost maybe $350, and a couple hours traffic school to knock the point off the record. But a similar infraction cost one man…

  • Goodyear wants your tires to charge your car

    "Concept tires" can not just generate electricity, but change based on how you drive

  • New Ford GT details: High price, low production

    The upcoming American supercar will be built in higher numbers than once thought — and don't expect Ford to offer any discounts.

  • Aston Martin turns toward Tesla with electric DBX concept

    The future of the British luxury carmaker could come as a jolt to many fans.

  • You’ll Never Lose Sight of This Custom Highlighter Ford F-150 Raptor

    Ford Raptor? More like for WRAPtor, amirite? Yeah? Eh? Okay, sorry. This extremely bright custom Ford F-150 Raptor is the work of Miami-based shop MC Customs, and the body panels aren’t the only things that were covered. MC is calling the color “matte Austin yellow metallic,” and even the…

  • 8 safest new cars for teens

    Choosing a car for a teen driver means making tough financial decisions at a time when college bills and lodging expenses loom on the horizon. The temptation, and often necessity, is to buy a che...

  • Lamborghini Sticking with Supercars; Says No to Hybrids

    When you think Lamborghini, you think supercars. And the company is right there with you. They have no intention of going down the hybrid route,and are fine leaving that territory alone. That is despite the fact they did show the plug-in Asterion hybrid once upon a time. The Asterion was a concept…

  • BMW Apparently Likes Drifting Now, Sort Of: Video

    The above video clip is a trailer for a video that BMW has created called "The Drift Challenge". It's also interesting to see BMW finally realizing that maybe millennial enthusiasts aren't the horrible people they previously envisioned. You see, BMW used to actually have a strong dislike for…

  • High Schooler Created These Amazing Concept Cars

    Keep the name Joshua Blundo in mind. Odds are good he’s going to be a major player in domestic automotive design starting in about four years. Why so long? Well, he’s just a high school senior but he’s now won first place in a national Fiat Chrysler Automotive Design Competition and second place in…

  • Market for dorm room wall poster cars explodes

    Here are five of our favorite dorm room poster cars that are surging in value now.

  • Buy This Incredible Porsche 930 Projekt Mjolner at Auction

    This custom built Projeckt Mjolnir Porsche can be yours when it goes up for auction at the end of the month. The car was built from the ground up and is a combination of various bits that make it a truly unique vehicle for the collector. Not only does it look incredible, but it’s designed

  • Goodyear Unveils Electricity-Generating And Shape-Shifting Concept Tires At Geneva

    Concept cars are nothing new, but now companies are showing off concept tires that can be as radical as any vehicle they might get bolted to. Case in point, Goodyear just unveiled two new concept tires at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and they go well beyond just providing a point of contact with…

  • Watch How a Ford Falcon Became a Weapon of ‘Mass Instruction’

    Conventional thinking is not for everyone, and thank goodness, because the world would be a whole lot duller. And we would definitely never see anything like this.  Meet Raul Lemesoff. He’s an eccentric artist hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the proud owner of a tank. It’s called the…

  • Mercedes V-Class-Based Metris Confirmed For U.S.

    After teasing with some customized SEMA concepts last fall, Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled the Metris, a version of its Vito mid-size van that will be sold in the U.S. and Canada. Unveiled at the 2015 NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, the Metris will be a little sibling to the Sprinter when…

  • The 5 Worst Tuner Cars From Geneva

    Another Geneva show, another year of insane supercars, lovely sports cars and anything and everything in between. While everyone loves the high-end and the luxurious, it’s that “in between” part that tends to get a little messy. Geneva is home to some of the world’s best and, unfortunately, worst…

  • Moto Guzzi unveils the Verde Legnano Special Edition V7 Racer

    Bringing back fond memories of an icon from an era gone by, Moto Guzzi has unveiled Moto Guzzi V7 Racer Verde Legnano Special Edition, which pays tribute to the 1971 Telaio Rosso Moto Guzzi V7 Sport. It was given the fancy name,“Verde Legnano,”  due to its

  • 1964 Chrysler Imperial Convertible Driven By Jon Hamm In Mad Men Could Be Yours For $39,900

    If you collect celebrity memorabilia and you have a thing for vintage cars, please sit down, because this might be a little overwhelming: the 1964 Chrysler Imperial Convertible that Jon Hamm's character, Don Draper, drove in Mad Men is up for bid on eBay. CHECK OUT: The Car Connection's Best…

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