Amish Help Rescue SUV Stuck In The Snow

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Amish Help Rescue SUV Stuck In The Snow
Amish Help Rescue SUV Stuck In The Snow

Like most people, you might be tempted to mock the “backwards” ways of the Amish since they don’t use technologies like cars. However, sometimes the low-tech solutions are best in a situation. That certainly was the case when an SUV got stuck in a snowy ditch in Ethridge, Tennessee recently and it was the Amish who got it out.

Did you know drones date back to the first World War?

Video uploaded to Facebook shows the GMC Yukon with its front end stuck in the ditch as everything was blanketed by an ongoing snowstorm. We can’t tell for sure, but it looks like the SUV didn’t have four-wheel drive, the rear wheels spinning uselessly as they were up in the air.


However, some Amish came by with their horses, hitched them up to the back of the GMC, and started pulling. The people filming the ordeal started laughing and joking about the Amish wrecker service. But after a few pulls as people also pushed on the nose of the Yukon it came free, backing out of the ditch and onto all four wheels once more.

Back in the day there were no tow trucks to extract large wagons and pieces of machinery which became stuck in similar situations. While we’ve been spoiled by electric winches and other modern marvels, the Amish have learned to make due with what our predecessors had on hand. You have to respect that.

How exactly the GMC Yukon got stuck in the ditch to begin with is a mystery. With snow blanketing areas which rarely see it, many drivers seem unprepared to deal with the reality. Our advice is to stay home if you can. If you have to go out, drive slowly, brake slowly, and turn your wheel slowly. If you start sliding, instead of steering in the opposite direction, steer in the direction you’re sliding.

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