Audi's RS Q6 E-Tron Could Follow in the E-Tron GT's Tire Tracks

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Audi's RS Q6 E-Tron Could Be an EV SUV BeastAudi

It's a cold, hard truth that badge engineering is a fact of life in the automotive realm. With the costs of developing new vehicles being so high, sharing the costs across multiple models and brands is an easy way to both boost profits and create more compelling products – and few automotive conglomerates do it better than Volkswagen AG.

The Audi E-Tron GT, for example, is a slippery, sultry four-door all-electric gran turismo that looks very little like the Porsche Taycan, either inside or out — but beneath the skin, the two share everything from battery pack to wheelbase. Same goes for the Q6 E-Tron, which uses the same PPE architecture as the all-new all-electric Macan. So far, however, the Porsche still has one notable difference in the form of a top-tier peformance variant... but that's allegedly about to change, as Audi is reportedly priming the pump to unleash an RS Q6 E-Tron upon the world.

While Audi hasn't officially announced the RS Q6 E-Tron, fresh reports by the likes of reputable outlets like Autocar, Auto Express and Inside EVs are all in relative alignment, stating that sources within the four-ring brand have confirmed the forthcoming arrival of the extra-spicy midsize electric crossover, reportedly in 2025. Autocar claims Audi insiders say the RS version will use the same 630-hp twin-motor powertrain as the Macan Turbo, but that — as the brand seeks to put greater daylight between its cars and their Porsche relations — it'll be tuned more for comfort than the "Turbo" is. Still, it should be significantly quicker and sportier than the 510-hp SQ6 E-Tron revealed back in March (and pictured at the top of this story).


If this recipe sounds familiar, well, it should; it's quite similar to the one Audi used with the aforementioned E-Tron GT. Still, from the sound of it, the RS Q6 should be more visually distinct than the RS E-Tron GT is from its less-powerful twin, more along the lines of how the RS 6 Avant is significantly more aggressive outside than the regular A6 Avant.

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Seriously, good luck telling these apart without looking at the badges.TSP

While it's hard not to be a little disappointed if it does turn out that the RS Q6 won't boast a unique powertrain like the tri-motor SQ8 E-Tron, any car that shares its bones and motors with the Macan Turbo seems likely to still be quite the thrill. And hey, if it keeps Audi Sport rolling in enough dough to keep making RS station wagons, who's gonna complain?

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