Barn Find 1992 Acura NSX with Only 2,000 Miles Emerges from Detailing

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Shelved 1992 Acura NSX Gets a Major GlowupAMMO NYC on YouTube

In April, a 1992 Acura NSX emerged from a Pennsylvania garage after sitting since its purchase. The odometer displayed only 2,002 original miles, and while it was covered in dust, dirt, and sprinklings of mold, the owner felt it could transform from rags to riches.

Earlier this year, the owner recognized that it’s a waste to let the NSX collect dust in his garage, and decided to to sell it. He handed it over to AMMO NYC owner Larry Kosilla for a complete makeover and detailing, and it needed quite a bit.

“The NSX has been sitting in this spot in the garage for 22 years,” the owner (identified only as Marty) said on a video released by AMMO NYC. “I didn’t even let anyone walk around it, because I figure if there is one scratch in it, I’d blame me.”


Finished in Grand Prix white with a black interior, only 411 were produced in this color combination, Kosilla points out. What’s special about this particular example is the color pairing in combination with a manual transmission and pop-up headlights, which were deleted in a mid-2002 update.

As soon as Kosilla starts spraying the Acura with water in the video, the dirt pours down the sides in black rivulets. It’s satisfying to watch all the grime melt off to reveal the original paint.

White mold was scattered throughout the interior, and Kosilla hit it with lather, tossing the dirty towels along the way, and then steam to kill the bacteria (the new owner surely won’t want to breathe in any kind of mold). The upholstery and dash materials needed conditioning after sitting for two decades, as well.

On the underside of the NSX, black mold dotted the metal, eradicated by a power washing and soapdown scrub. Kosilla promotes his own products, but he graciously offers the option to use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water for similar results. In the middle of the video, the detailing expert recommends some inexpensive, effective ways to store a car properly to avoid mold in the first place.

While testing the electrical system, the cabin illuminates and the pop-up headlights open. Even the engine bay, wheels, and tires are now squeaky clean. While the tires will need to be replaced, Kosilla says “It’s always cool to see the original rubber” on the car before changes are made.

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AMMO NYC on YouTube

Luckily, the NSX’s floormats had been wrapped in plastic and sat in the trunk since the day Marty bought it. After two days of scrubbing, spraying, and polishing, the NSX was ready for its glamour shots. Kosilla invited the owner back to the garage to take a look.

“Holy [bleep], Batman! Look at that thing, it’s beautiful,” the owner says when Kosilla reveals the detailed NSX.

This Acura sportscar is born-again showroom-new, and it’s stunning.

Marty is secreting other mechanical wonders in that garage of his, including a 1936 Buick four-door that he turned into a pickup. Also inside is a 1940 Ford pickup that he chopped and swapped out the engine for a Jaguar V-12, replacing the back end with one from a 1956 Plymouth. Maybe one of these interesting builds will be up for sale next.

If you’re looking for more NSX catnip, the one and only Ayrton Senna drove an NSX and its all-aluminum, semi-monocoque body in loafers back in the Eighties. CarThrottle published a version of the video with improved audio and video quality to really showcase Senna’s heel-toe technique, and it’s mesmerizing to watch.

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