C5 Corvette Goes Mudding

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It goes surprisingly okay…

The Chevrolet Corvette has been heralded in modern society as one of the most versatile sports cars on the market. Everything from drag racing to autocross can be easily accomplished with this distinctly American automobile however there is one exception to this rule. Practically nobody ever expected the car to be good off-road, that is until very recently. The shocking revelation came from a YouTube channel by the name of Westen Champlin and things went far better than anyone could have expected.

Starting off, the car used to be a C5 Corvette which was mostly designed for spirited driving on the road. These vehicles were known for their incredible engine and transmission combination adding up to one of the fastest sports cars on the American market. They were extremely fun to drive in their time and even today you can always find an enthusiast ready, willing, and able to get behind the wheel. This is what likely led to the addition of mud tires and lifted suspension making it something unlike anyone has ever seen before, or at least most people in the car world. Of course you’re probably wondering how the car did in a real off-road setting.


Somewhere down the line, the ‘Vette gained a set of extra thick off-roading wheels and tires which help with traction in virtually every scenario. On top of that, the LS that came in the Chevrolet would be virtually perfect for high performance situations that require a lot of torque. Overall, it’s a car that you just can’t beat on either the roads or the mud which is exactly why Westen set out to purchase the Corvette. Needless to say, from the second he sat in the driver's seat, he was in love.

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