YouTubers Crash Tractor Pull Event In A Cybertruck

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YouTubers Crash Tractor Pull Event In A Cybertruck
YouTubers Crash Tractor Pull Event In A Cybertruck

YouTubers do all kinds of crazy things to get people watching. We’re not fans of videos where some guy with too much money destroys collectible cars most gearheads would pay dearly to own. But we’re not quite sure how to feel about this video from The Fast Lane Truck where they go to a tractor pull event with a Tesla Cybertruck.

YouTuber runs over pedestrian while livestreaming.

The whole purpose of this stunt wasn’t to anger people but instead to see how the Cybertruck did compared to a Ram 3500 Cummins. One of the problems was both guys driving the trucks didn’t know what they were doing pulling the sleds.


You see, tractor pulls are technical events. In the video they liken them to drag racing, which is somewhat true, although these competitions are their own kind of beast. So to have two amateur drivers try to duke it out to see which truck is superior at pulling sleds is actually completely inappropriate.

They would’ve been better off recruiting two experienced drivers for the test. However, finding someone in that motorsport who would want to drive a Cybertruck probably would’ve been more than challenging.

Filming apparently was supposed to take place before many spectators arrived for the real event. But a delay meant they were filming in front of a crowd. While those people might have been critical of the technique or lack thereof used to pull a sled with the Ram 3500 Cummins, some of them really let their opinions be known about the Cybertruck.

A few people yelled things like “go back to California” as the Tesla was pulling the sled. That’s about what we would’ve expected and we think The Fast Lane Truck probably did as well, hence the plan to film before many spectators were there.

Image via The Fast Lane Truck/YouTube