C6 Corvette Crashes Big In California

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C6 Corvette Crashes Big In California
C6 Corvette Crashes Big In California

The man behind the wheel of a C6 Corvette was injured and his sports car was quite damaged after he lost control on a public road in Chula Vista, California recently. Witnesses claim they saw the Chevy speeding down the road before the accident.

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As the Corvette was driving down Olympic Parkway on the morning of March 18, it veered into the center divider, hitting two trees, then a street light, flipping the sports car onto its roof. Injured, the driver was still able to crawl out of the vehicle before first responders arrived on the scene, reports 911 Video News.


Footage of the crash scene shows the C6 Corvette looking like a dead roach with its tires pointing towards the sky. Fiberglass panels were bent and shattered, at least one of the wheels showed considerable damage (likely from hitting the curb or trees), and we’re pretty sure the frame is bent, a lot.

In other words, we bet the insurance company will total this Chevy out. As for the driver’s fate when it comes to coverage, everyone is free to speculate.