C6 Corvette And Dodge Charger Crash Is Pure Carnage

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C6 Corvette And Dodge Charger Crash Is Pure Carnage
C6 Corvette And Dodge Charger Crash Is Pure Carnage

Photos of a two-vehicle accident involving a C6 Corvette and Dodge Charger out of Freeport, Illinois are absolutely horrific. These images should be shared with all new drivers along with a warning that hot dogging around on the road can lead to serious consequences.

Everyone should watch this old driving instruction video.

According to the Freeport Fire Department, the crash happened just before noon on June 4. The department declined to elaborate on what led up to the awful collision, simply disclosing that four people were injured and transported to the hospital.


Looking at the images of the crash, it’s no wonder people didn’t walk away from it. Both cars took heavy damage in the front, with the driver’s side of the Corvette getting skinned and the back end of the Mopar getting demolished as well.

Then there’s the utility pole resting on top of the C6 Corvette. The roof doesn’t look too badly crushed, but for taller people that might have been enough to do some serious head trauma.

Considering how damaged both cars are, plus how they snapped a utility pole in half, combined with how far the debris from the crash is spread, we’re going to guess speed was a factor. Likely reckless, aggressive, or maybe distracted driving was as well.

If we had a to guess, and it’s a complete guess not a declaration, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was some spontaneous street race to prove which car is faster. Maybe its wasn’t, we don’t know, but we see too many bad crashes attached to the illegal practice.

Now that summer is upon us, plenty of people are out and about in their performance vehicles. While it’s great cruising around town or even hitting the open road in your sports car or muscle car, we know the temptation can be high to show off a little or even race other people in their hot rides.

Ultimately, it doesn’t pay to hot dog around at high speeds, as the four people injured have hopefully learned.

Images via Freeport Fire Department/Facebook

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