The C8 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Is Coming Next Month

Image: Chevrolet
Image: Chevrolet

With the Chevy Corvette, what is is never enough. When the C8 released, enthusiasts clamored for the Z06. Then we got the Z06, and all eyes turned toward the hybrid E-Ray. Now that the E-Ray is out, the next model to draw eyes is the venerated ZR1.

After all the teases and test shots, we finally have a reveal date for the C8 Corvette ZR1: July 25 of this year. In barely over a month, we’ll know exactly what Chevy has in store for its top-of-the-line ‘Vette.

The teaser video reveals little more than the date, but we do get to hear the new Corvette revving out as it shifts through a few gears. There’s a hint of forced induction whoosh to the tone, but oddly it doesn’t seem to vary with RPM — it increases continually through the clip, in a way you’d expect more from a dyno spinning up with wheel speed than a turbocharger. Still, evidence points to the ZR1 using the Z06's flat-plane-crank V8 with a pair of turbos attached to it.


What’s more definitively audible is the ZR1's gearing. The clip has the car wring out one gear before shifting to two more, showing some odd spacing: The gap between the first two gears is tall, seemingly dropping far from the engine’s peak power, while the next gap shows track day-tight gearing. All these shifts are, of course, too fast for any human to pull off with their hands and feet. Expect more dual clutch here.

Beyond that, we’ll have to wait for July to get more answers on the ZR1's hardware. After this, the next place for Corvette fans to turn their attention will be the fully electric one.

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