C8 Corvette And BMW Crash, Catching On Fire

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C8 Corvette And BMW Crash, Catching On Fire
C8 Corvette And BMW Crash, Catching On Fire

Two performance cars, a C8 Corvette and a BMW M5 F90, crashed into each other while traveling at a high rate of speed in Brooklyn early on May 4.  As the C8 Corvette burst into flames and at least one man was trapped inside, an off-duty member of the New York Fire Department came to the rescue.

Husband and wife get busted street racing each other.

A NYFD lieutenant happened to be driving with his wife and two small children at about 3 am on the Belt Parkway after visiting a friend on Staten Island. The New York Post says the lieutenant saw the two cars speed past, then came across them crashed and on fire.


To us it sounds like the BMW and C8 Corvette were racing each other. But the man who apparently was driving the M5 told FreedomNews TV on camera that he doesn’t condone such behavior and it was the other driver who was hot dogging around him. He claimed they were driving normally, not speeding.

According to the New York Post, the driver of the Corvette was unconscious. The fire lieutenant couldn’t get his door open, so he hand to unbuckle and drag the man out of the sports car from the passenger side – not an easy feat considering how tall the center console is.

Reportedly, the driver of the C8 Corvette was transported to the hospital in critical condition. We hope he makes a recovery and everyone involved learns a valuable lesson.

Public roads, whether surface streets or highways, aren’t racetracks. The surface isn’t prepared for such envelope-pushing feats, there are other cars on the road with people just trying to get where they need to be, and the people who try this obviously don’t understand how ill-prepared they are should something go wrong.


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