C8 Corvette Submarines Under Semi Trailer

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C8 Corvette Submarines Under Semi Trailer
C8 Corvette Submarines Under Semi Trailer

Scary footage out of Castaic, California shows an orange C8 Corvette wedged under the back end of a semi-truck’s trailer. The driver was trapped inside the sports car as firefighters worked to extricate him from the mangled mess.

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The crash happened sometime around noon on May 9, says ABC7. Reportedly, the 77-year-old driver suffered “crush injuries” after he apparently failed to stop in time to avoid the trailer. That’s a scary situation for anyone to experience, even if you don’t submarine under the trailer.

Not shown in the footage we included is the eventual extraction of the victim. He was reportedly rushed to the hospital. Local news outlets weren’t sure what led up to the crash. What’s curious is the truck is off on the shoulder, although it could have pulled over after the collision, dragging the sports car with it.


You might be wondering how a car could submarine under a semi-truck’s trailer. After all, they have those bars that hang down from the rear, called a Mansfield bar. While those are designed to prevent this type of accident, keeping cars from sliding or submarining under a trailer, sports cars with lower bumper and hood heights can still slide under them.

For this reason alone, we like to give semi-trucks plenty of space on the road. Just like with trains, it can be hard to judge how fast they’re traveling thanks to their size. And with plenty of weight, their destructive power is incredible.

We hope the driver of the C8 Corvette makes a swift and full recovery from his injuries.

As everyone gets out on the road in their hobby cars this year, just remember to be careful while having fun. This includes keeping a more than safe distance from semi-trucks.

Image via ABC7/YouTube