Car Crash Leaves Sedan Floating Atop Fire Hydrant Geyser

a car driving through a flooded street
Crash Leaves Car Suspended in Air by Gushing WaterX / OCFA PIO

A two-vehicle crash in California that results in two drivers with injuries isn't an uncommon occurrence — but a June 9th accident that left the back end of one car suspended by nothing but water pressure was anything but ordinary, as captured on video by the local fire department.

As a result of the crash, which occurred at Jeronimo Road and Heidi Avenue in Lake Forrest, California, a fire hydrant was sheared, and the resulting water pressure lifted the back end of a sedan — it appears to be a Kia Optima — about seven feet in the air. Both drivers were able to extract themselves before first responders arrived. Paramedics treated both drivers and they were transported to the hospital.

While the drivers were being treated, the fire department was left to try to figure out how to secure one of the cars involved in the crash. It remained suspended by the high-water pressure until the firefighters isolated each side of the hydrant and were able to access the water shutoff valve, according to the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA). Once the water was shut off, the car was lowered to the ground.


In a post on social media platform X, the OCFA stated that they “We’re going to chalk this up as something you don’t see every day.” That'ss certainly a true statement. Lifting a sedan that weighs a few thousand pounds several feet in the air takes some serious water pressure.

Hopefully, both of the drivers involved will make a quick and full recovery from their injuries. As for the suspended car, well, it will likely be totaled and never see the road again... but its undercarriage has probably never been cleaner.

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