Cop Car Flips In Wild Los Angeles Crash

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Cop Car Flips In Wild Los Angeles Crash
Cop Car Flips In Wild Los Angeles Crash

A driver’s dashcam captured the wild moment when a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department cruiser was hit by another car in an intersection, flipping it. While the crash looks bad, thankfully the deputy who was inside is expected to be okay.

Dashcam footage sheds new light on a famous road rage case.

The collision happened at about midday on May 29 in Santa Clarita, California. As you can see in the footage, the cop car is traveling through the intersection when another vehicle T-bones it. The cruiser launches into the air, doing a barrel roll while also flipping around 180 degrees.


While the footage is dramatic, we think it’s an excellent reminder of how quickly accidents happen on public roads. This is why driving distracted or even just zoning out while behind the wheel is bad. You should always be aware of what’s going on around your vehicle and be ready for just about anything.

In fact, many accidents only give drivers about two seconds of reaction time. That’s not a lot of time if you’re paying attention, so being ready to react is key.

According to Fox 11, the sheriff’s department says an elderly driver behind the wheel of the Lexus crossover you see in the video hit the cruiser on accident. Like the deputy, the elderly driver wasn’t seriously injured in the crash, which is miraculous.

You can see in the footage that right after the cruiser came to rest back on its wheels people came running from different directions to check on the deputy. We’ve watched a lot of crash videos and sadly in many cities people don’t react so quickly, so that says a lot about the people of Santa Clarita.

"I think it speaks volumes that Santa Clarita, the community loves the cops here," LASD Sgt. Sherry Clark told Fox 11.

Images via Fox 11 Los Angeles/YouTube

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