Critical Crash Sees Car Plunge Into Arizona Sinkhole

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Critical Crash Sees Car Plunge Into Arizona Sinkhole
Critical Crash Sees Car Plunge Into Arizona Sinkhole

Unusual things can happen when cars collide on roads, but this might be the first time we’ve seen one of those vehicles plunge into a sinkhole afterward. Even more unusual, this happened in Phoenix, Arizona and the car helped create the sinkhole.

Driver goes around road closed sign, falls into giant hole.

The crash happened near the intersection of 75th Avenue and Encanto in west Phoenix on the morning of May 8. A Ford Explorer took heavy front end damage, the front passenger-side wheel snapped off from the collision. But the Infiniti Q50 really took the majority of the damage.


We don’t know what preceded the crash, but AZFamily reports four were injured. The Infiniti driver was reportedly transported to the hospital in critical condition. We can comfortably say everyone needs to pay better attention while driving and always be ready to stop or take evasive action since emergencies can crop up at anytime.

When the two cars collided, the Infiniti went off the road, hitting a nearby fire hydrant and coming to rest on a patch of dirt. With water gushing out of the busted hydrant, the area quickly became saturated, the soil swallowing up the one car past its beltline.

Water also filled part of a nearby parking lot, forcing drivers to move their cars before they too suffered damage.

As captured on film by ABC15, many people came after the Infiniti sunk mostly into the hole and marveled at what they saw. For some it was quite the novelty and they expressed that loudly.

A nearby orthodontist had to close for the day because the accident shut off all the water to his building. Other businesses were affected by the mess as well. That orthodontist said after 17 years in that location he’s never seen anything like this accident. Hopefully it will never be repeated.

Image via AZFamily/YouTube

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