Cybertruck Gets Sideswiped By Ford Mustang

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Cybertruck Gets Sideswiped By Ford Mustang
Cybertruck Gets Sideswiped By Ford Mustang

There’s been a lot of talk about how the stainless steel panels on the Tesla Cybertruck will handle collisions. While we’ve seen a few incidents, this latest one involving a Ford Mustang sideswiping one on the road, then taking off is getting people talking.

Someone is trying to sell a drowned Chevy Silverado.

What’s different about this collision is it’s not a hard hit and the Cybertruck was wearing paint protection film (PPF). The Tesla crowd is using this to show how tough and durable Elon’s pickup truly is, but others aren’t sold on those claims.

Image via The Megawatts/YouTube
Image via The Megawatts/YouTube

Since Teslas run side cameras, the owner shared footage of the Mustang hitting the side of his Cybertruck while the two vehicles were traveling down the road. You can see the PPF left a nice circular mark on the pony car’s driver door as well as some dents, or at least we think those weren’t there before.


If you look closely at the footage before the crash, you’ll notice the Mustang’s side mirror is already jacked up. Same goes for the rear bumper cover. In other words, this driver probably has a habit of hitting other cars and/or inanimate objects. Who knows, they might even try running over a crowd every once in a while.

Anyway, the PPF was damaged in the crash, but when that was peeled away the body panels underneath showed nary a scratch or ding. That’s something the Tesla faithful are bragging about, saying things like all work trucks should be made the same way and so forth.

From what we know about vehicle collisions, we’re not entirely sure having body panels which don’t deform easily on impact is a good thing. After all, that crash energy has to go somewhere, so if the panels aren’t absorbing it, something else is.

But for the Tesla crowd this stands as yet another definitive victory. In the meantime, detractors don’t think it proves much of anything. Just like so many other things surrounding the Cybertruck, people are pretty divided on whether it’s a genius invention or a giant turd on wheels.

Images via The Megawatts/YouTube