Dodge Challenger Hits Kia In Violent Florida Crash

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Dodge Challenger Hits Kia In Violent Florida Crash
Dodge Challenger Hits Kia In Violent Florida Crash

It seems with the weather warming up so are car crashes. People are out and about more, going places they might not be too familiar with, and horrific wrecks like this one out of northwest Miami-Dade can result.

Watch a trooper PIT a Nissan into a church.

It was in the early morning hours of May 23 when do cars, a Dodge Challenger and Kia collided, both of them spinning out into the side of a church. The impact from the muscle car was so great it knocked a hole in the side of the church that had to be boarded up.

In the meantime, the Kia was ripped in half, only the front of the car coming to rest by the church.


People rushed to the aid of the crash victims, dragging at least one unresponsive woman out of the Dodge. Rescuers showed up and extricated the Kia driver, with four people rushed to the hospital. It’s just a sad situation we hate to see.

Like a relative of one of the victims told WPLG, not much is known about how the accident unfolded. We’re sure investigators will be pouring resources into figuring that out, but what the relative said is that stretch of road is apparently quite dark, construction was being done there, and there was zero warning that a construction zone was ahead.

That doesn’t mean the construction caused the accident, but it could have been a contributing factor.

We’re not saying speed was a factor, but we know many times when drivers speed on roads they don’t know well, especially ones that are dark, it’s easy to not see sudden turns or obstacles which can cause a crash. It’s also harder to stop in time if a vehicle in front of you suddenly brakes.

It sounds like the injuries from this crash are pretty bad. Just remember this crash when you’re out late at night with friends enjoying the summer weather, slow down, and take your time getting where you’re going.

Image via WPLG Local 10/YouTube

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