Don’t Do This If The Repo Man Shows Up

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Don’t Do This If The Repo Man Shows Up
Don’t Do This If The Repo Man Shows Up

With the threat of economic pain on the horizon, you might find yourself facing car repossession sometime in the near future. It’s a stressful situation to be in, but there are ways to make it far worse. This footage shows how one woman did just that and allegedly got herself arrested in the process.

Watch a guy get pantsed by a Ford Mustang during an illegal street takeover.

This footage is all the way back from 2013 when most Americans were in awe at Russian dashcam footage. My how times change since we have plenty of crazy videos coming out of this country. But back then there wasn’t too much being recorded on US roads, so to see a repossession video like this was really something.


The job goes calmly at first with the repo guy getting the Lexus on the boom and strapping the rear tires down no problem. A guy emerges from the house and the repo agent lets him get stuff out of the vehicle. We’re pretty sure in most states they have to legally let you do that, but it’s still nice of the tow truck operator to be courteous about the whole thing.

Then a woman comes out, but she seems to be calm and interested in getting belongings out of the Lexus. The first sign of trouble is when she gets in the driver’s seat and closes the door. Then the brake lights illuminate, followed rapidly by the reverse lights.

Instead of escalating things, the repo man walks over and seems to calmly explain that the Lexus is strapped down and not going anywhere. Undeterred, the woman keeps her foot on the brake pedal.

As the repo agent walks over to the tow truck and gets in, the woman really goes for it, trying desperately to reverse the car. Where does she think she’s going? Who knows. As the Lexus gets dragged backwards, the front tires screech as they fight for traction.

There’s no way a Lexus ES can outgun a heavy-duty pickup in a tug of war, yet this woman seems to think it’s possible. All she ends up doing is creating a lot of tire smoke and getting arrested, and for what? Why do people do this? If you don’t pay for your car that the bank owns, the bank gets to take it back, that’s how it works.

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