Driver Bites Pedestrian In Bizarre Road Rage Fight

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Driver Bites Pedestrian In Bizarre Road Rage Fight
Driver Bites Pedestrian In Bizarre Road Rage Fight

It seems things are getting increasingly bizarre in the world, especially when it comes to road rage incidents. Just when we’d seen the most unpredictable cases of people freaking out on public streets, along comes this story out of Broward County, Florida where a driver bit a pedestrian in a road rage incident.

Watch a guy fleeing police in his Dodge Charger struggle to keep it going straight.

For whatever reason the female pedestrian was walking on the Sawgrass Expressway on the morning of June 4 in the northbound lanes, not on the shoulder. Seeing how this happened in Florida, we’re just going to accept it.


A driver hit that pedestrian, then veered into the guardrail on the median. You can see in footage of the aftermath shared by WPLG, the crossover took some substantial front end damage and the top corner of the windshield is shattered, consistent with a pedestrian collision.

Things really took a bizarre turn when the pedestrian, who apparently wasn’t seriously hurt, ran over to the crossover and reportedly started assaulting the driver. Perhaps feeling like they had no other option, the driver bit the woman. That was an effective defense since the pedestrian then ran off.

Because this happened in Florida, the crazy wasn’t done. The female pedestrian ran into a drainage grate, we assume to hide from authorities, but she got stuck and had to be rescued from the very people she was trying to ditch. Ironic.

The driver and pedestrian were injured in the incident, but WPLG didn’t elaborate on their conditions.

What we really want to know is why the woman was walking in the middle of traffic lanes? The only two possibilities we can think of is extreme mental illness or substance abuse, but we guess there could be another explanation like aliens. It’s just so bizarre it had to happen in Florida. Or it could’ve just as easily been in California.

Image via WPLG Local 10/YouTube

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