Driver Speeds Through Turn, Goes Airborne, Crashes Into House

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Driver Speeds Through Turn, Goes Airborne, Crashes Into House
Driver Speeds Through Turn, Goes Airborne, Crashes Into House

Pretty much no matter where you live these days there are drivers who think they’re the next Michael Andretti and the roadway is their track. Perhaps it’s because many of today’s grocery getters have the kind of acceleration only available in more performance-oriented rides of yesteryear or just that Idiocracy was a predictive film.

Man allegedly consumed a can of Twisted Tea during police chase.

Whatever the cause, we see more high-flying antics than ever. And with surveillance cameras, that stuff is caught on film many times. The latest example from Jurupa Valley, California involves a driver trying to speed through a turn in a neighborhood, going for a short flight, and crash landing into a garage.


The footage of the crash, which sadly is pretty grainy, a far cry from 4k, shows the blurry blob of a car come speeding from out of frame, hit the curb at the corner of an intersection, then go airborne as it jumps the front yard, landing in the garage where two trucks are parked in the driveway.

Not only did the collision trash the garage door, part of the garage’s structure looked to be damaged. Plus, four parked vehicles were damaged, the trucks in the driveway and two others parked inside. The insurance claim on that crash had to have been a nightmare.

According to local news station KABC, the driver of the car was trying to make a turn on the residential road. However, the car was going too fast and the driver couldn’t stay on the street, which is where you see it drive up onto the sidewalk and go airborne.

Here’s the lesson from this crazy incident: you don’t need to take turns rapidly. It’s bad for your tires and chassis components, plus you can lose control and wreck out. This crash easily could’ve been fatal. The risk just isn’t worth it.

Image via ABC7/YouTube

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