Emory Motorsports' 2.4L Polo-Powered 1960 Porsche 356B Coupe on Bring a Trailer

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With a 2.4L Polo flat-four engine and custom features.

A rare gem for automotive enthusiasts, a 1960 Porsche 356B Coupe transformed into an "Outlaw" by Emory Motorsports, is now available on Bring a Trailer. This distinctive build, crafted in 2009, features a powerful 2.4L “Polo” flat-four engine and numerous custom upgrades that enhance both performance and aesthetics. Currently listed in Scottsdale, Arizona, this unique vehicle boasts a clean Indiana title and a remarkable legacy.

The 1960 Porsche 356B Coupe, renowned for its T5 body style with revised front-end styling, has been repainted in a striking Azure Blue by Emory Motorsports. This restoration included a bare-metal repaint, replacement of floors and longitudinals, and the addition of chassis stiffening for enhanced durability. The car's sleek exterior is complemented by dual fender-mounted Raydyot mirrors, a through-hood fuel filler, leather hood straps, driving lights, and body-color bumpers, all protected by paint protection film on critical areas.

Enhanced Performance and Unique Features

The heart of this 356B is its custom-built 2.4L Polo flat-four engine, which features a 911-style case, 3.6L-sourced pistons and cylinders, 911E camshafts, dual 48mm Weber carburetors, and twin-plug cylinder heads. The engine also includes a Carrera-style oil tank and cooler, and an MSD ignition controller, ensuring high performance and reliability. The car's exhaust system has been upgraded with custom headers and an M&K stainless steel muffler. This setup routes power to the rear wheels through a modified 901 five-speed manual transaxle, adapted to accept 356 hoop mounts.

The suspension system has been significantly upgraded with an independent rear trailing arm setup, front and rear sway bars, and 27mm torsion bars, providing improved handling and stability. The braking system features RS 60-style four-wheel annular disc brakes with a dual circuit master cylinder, ensuring robust stopping power. The car rolls on custom 16×5.5″ alloy wheels by Chris Coddington, fitted with Dunlop Sport tires.

Luxurious Interior with Vintage Appeal

Inside, the Porsche 356B Coupe maintains a vintage aesthetic with modern comforts. The GT-style bucket seats and rear jump seats are upholstered in rich red leather, complemented by tan squareweave carpets that cover the floors and interior panels. Roadster-style door panels add a touch of classic elegance. The cabin is further enhanced by a Nardi three-spoke steering wheel, green-letter VDO instrumentation, and a 904-style combination gauge. The odometer reads 3,100 miles, reflecting the distance covered since the completion of the build.

This Emory Outlaw build is not just a car; it’s a testament to the craftsmanship and innovation of Emory Motorsports. With its unique blend of classic design and modern performance upgrades, this 1960 Porsche 356B Coupe is a remarkable vehicle ready for a new owner to enjoy.


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