Fire Engine Crashes Into California House

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Fire Engine Crashes Into California House
Fire Engine Crashes Into California House

Usually, emergency vehicles like fire engines are a sign of the heroes coming to rescue people in desperate situations. But in a sick twist, a fire engine got into a crash with some other vehicles, then plowed into a house in Stockton, California leaving it in shambles.

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According to police, the fire engine was responding to a fire with its lights and sirens going when a Honda Civic crossed into its path. From there the fire engine hit a pickup truck, then veered off the road, slamming into the house.

The homeowner was across the street when the accident happened, however the driver of the pickup truck is in critical condition. As for the the Honda driver, they were hospitalized but are expected to recover.


Right after the crash, the firefighters reportedly jumped out of the fire engine and started rendering aid to the other drivers. But all four of the firefighters were also hurt in the crash, something they shook off long enough to help the other victims. We’d expect nothing less.

We think the biggest takeaway from this tragic accident is that people need to give emergency vehicles a wide berth on the road. We can’t tell you how many times, both in dashcam footage and real life we’ve seen people try turning in front of police cruisers, fire engines, and ambulances as they’re running lights and sirens, let alone not pulling over for them.

Police are still investigating the crash, so nobody has been issued a citation, yet. But we think one is coming soon enough, because crashing into a big red fire engine with lights and sirens going just isn’t going to fly pretty much anywhere.

People need to start pulling over and letting emergency vehicles pass through public roads safely.

Image via KCRA 3/YouTube