Flamboyant Volkswagen Beetle Is A Super Sleeper

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If you see this bug coming, move!

While most people may not consider the Volkswagen Beetle to be a high-performance powerhouse, this thing shatters all preconceptions you might have about these German automobiles. Originally purchased by the current owner when he was 16, the car was mostly stock though it had been lowered. He immediately began modifying it and by the time he was 17 the car was featured in its first magazine. The modification is abundantly clear upon looking at the vehicle, this is in large part due to the incredible amount of louvers all over the car. Combined with the bright orange paint job, the car stands out like a sore thumb when driving in traffic.

Sitting past the rear axle of this super-sleeper is a 1,904cc engine that he got from Lucky Costa from Hot Rod Garage. The new engine was equipped with a turbocharger and the estimated horsepower is around 300 horsepower. While it may not seem like a lot of power the car only weighs 1,800lbs, this gives the car a hp/lb ratio of 0.1667. That ratio can be compared to a modern-day Dodge Charger 392(just for example) which has a ratio of about 0.1136 in this case the higher the number the better. The engine is mated to a 4-speed manual transmission and stopping power is handled by disc brakes on all four corners.

This frame-off restoration is also sitting on air suspension and the entire chassis has been powder coated. The interior is complete with seats from a Honda Civic and the car appears to drive great. It's so cool to see this orange sleeper cruising down the street at ridiculous speeds. The owner said that his initial goal for this car was to make something that combined his love for both Volkswagen and hot rods, he has accomplished what he set out to create and we hope to see more of this car in the future.

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