How a Ford Model A Became the Cornerstone of a Michigan Couple's 53-Year Marriage

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The wheels of love...

Every year, Flint, Michigan, hosts the Back to the Bricks car show, transforming the town into a vibrant tapestry of automotive history. Among the thousands of vehicles, the Ford Model As owned by members of the Michigan Script A Region—a chapter of the Model A Restorers Club—stand out not only for their vintage charm but also for the deep sentimental value they hold for their owners.

Rita and Rusty Gould, a couple from Davison, Michigan, are the epitome of this emotional connection. Over their 53-year marriage, the Ford Model A has become more than just a car—it’s a cornerstone of their life together. Remarkably, both Rita, the current president, and Rusty, a past president of the national Model A Restorers Club, have intertwined these vintage cars with their family legacy, becoming local legends in the process.


Their journey with the Model A began in 1973 when Rusty bought a dilapidated 1930 Model A Rumble Seat Coupe for $600. "I was devastated. Back then, $600 was a huge sum," recalls Rita, now 72. "I worried our kids were going to starve." Rusty dedicated five years to restoring the car, eventually earning a perfect score of 500 at a national meet and solidifying its status as the best of its kind in the country.

Today, that car remains a cherished "trailer queen," mostly garaged but symbolizing the couple's enduring love and dedication. Over the years, they’ve expanded their collection to four Model As, including a 1929 two-door sedan that Rita personalized with "eyelashes" and a diamond ring gas cap. "We just have a lot of fun with it," she says.

Their passion for these cars has been passed down to their three children and eight grandchildren. "This is our history," says Rusty, 76, emphasizing the importance of preserving these vehicles in their original form. He even jokes that he'd "roll over in his grave" if his children ever modified them.

For the Goulds, the Model A represents more than just a hobby. It's a way of life and a gateway to a larger community. "You meet the most incredible people along this journey," Rita says, highlighting the friendships and connections they’ve made through the Model A Restorers Club. These relationships, built around a shared passion, have added immeasurable value to their lives.

Their story is a testament to how a shared passion can weave itself into the very fabric of a marriage, turning a hobby into a lifelong journey filled with love, community, and timeless memories.

Source: MLive

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