Good Samaritans Rescue Injured Motorcyclist

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Good Samaritans Rescue Injured Motorcyclist
Good Samaritans Rescue Injured Motorcyclist

If you’re perhaps feeling a little down on humanity lately, believing people are inherently selfish and unhelpful, this story out of Dekalb County, Georgia might help lighten your mood. Numerous Good Samaritans stopped to help a motorcyclist who was hurt, putting themselves in danger.

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The incident started with a hit-and-run collision between the motorcyclist and a driver on Interstate 20 over Memorial Day weekend, reports WSB-TV. What happened, according to the rider, was that a car hit his back tire, spun him out of control, then dragged him for a bit before continuing on.


That meant the rider was injured and laying in a lane of traffic while debris was spread over several lanes.

The rider’s mother told a reporter her son was getting sprayed in the face by the debris as people just drove on by. With damage to his vertebrae, a shattered knee, and a broken pelvis, the man couldn’t move out of the road.

Finally, some drivers did stop, blocked traffic so the man wasn’t hit again, and worked together to drag him off the road to relative safety. They then called 911 for help.

However, 911 was taking too long to answer, for whatever reason. That’s when one of the bystanders jumped in his car, drove to the nearest police precinct, and returned with first responders who were able to stabilize the motorcyclist and eventually transport him to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the man blacked out as he was in extreme pain. That meant he couldn’t remember a description of the car that hit him. Police are asking the public for help identifying the hit-and-run suspect.

While it’s horrible someone would hit another human and just leave them in the road, it’s great to hear others stopped to help even though they took on some risk doing that.

Image via WSB-TV