Man Ships His Cybertruck To Qatar

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Man Ships His Cybertruck To Qatar
Man Ships His Cybertruck To Qatar

Some people just really love the Tesla Cybertruck, despite all the hate hurled at it. Perhaps they revel in the unusual nature of the thing or just love the features they believe to be innovative. Whatever the reason, one man who bought the all-electric pickup decided he loved it so much he paid to have it flown to his house in Qatar.

YouTubers crash a tractor pull event in a Cybertruck.

That’s insane on several levels. First of all, Cybertruck deliveries haven’t started outside the US, so he likely has the only one in Qatar and probably the whole region. That means his ride will stick out like a sore thumb, even more than here, and perhaps that’s the idea.


Second, the Cybertruck isn’t exactly lightweight. Airlines always charge for freight transport based on weight, so the guy probably forked over a tidy sum to get the vehicle to the other side of the world. That’s a pretty big flex.

Third, many EV fans are complaining that the guy bought an all-electric truck to have it loaded onto a plane powered by fossil fuels. They seem to think the move is a bit hypocritical. What we want to know is if they’re aware of how the batteries, not to mention other components, for the Cybertruck are manufactured?

As they say so often, it’s his vehicle so he can do with it as he pleases. We personally don’t understand why the Cybertruck is so popular in certain circles. It seems like the rest of society is either not impressed and therefore neutral or just plain hates it.

Cybertrucks have been spotted in other parts of the world, including Europe, even though technically they’re not legally allowed on roads there. But when you have enough cash to fly yours to the Middle East, we guess you have enough to pay off authorities or just deal with whatever fines.

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