Milwaukee Police Chief Gets In Crash After Lecturing About Driving Safety

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Milwaukee Police Chief Gets In Crash After Lecturing About Driving Safety
Milwaukee Police Chief Gets In Crash After Lecturing About Driving Safety

Jeffrey B. Norman, Milwaukee’s chief of police, has been mocked after getting into a car crash right after attending a news conference where he lectured the public about reckless driving. There’s quite the problem with reckless drivers in Milwaukee, but local news have accused the police of coddling offenders. That’s in part why the lack of sympathy for Chief Norman.

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The infamous incident went down on the morning of November 6 when he and an officer were in a cruise which collided with another vehicle. Police said the other driver stayed on the scene and was cooperating with an investigation, which was being conducted by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.


While both the chief and officer weren’t critically injured, they both were transported to a hospital for treatment.

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Chief Norman and the officer were sitting in their vehicle at a red light when a dump truck, which was going the same way seemingly slowed but didn’t stop, veering into another lane at the last minute. Despite that maneuver, the dump truck rear-ended the police vehicle.

There’s no way anyone can reasonably claim Chief Norman was responsible for the crash in any way, and yet the police department had to hide some jeering remarks made on its Facebook announcement of the collision. It seems some can find fault in anything, especially when it comes to police actions.

What sparked the news conference on reckless driving in Milwaukee was a fatal accident where a man sped through a flashing red light, hitting another car. Three women in the second vehicle were killed after their car hit a tree. The violent nature of their death shocked a city which sadly had grown accustomed to reckless drivers, some of whom had allegedly been pulled over by police dozens of times, only to be let go with a warning.

Now it appears the gloves are coming off as even the governor is calling for strict consequences for reckless drivers, including towing vehicles. It’s also worth noting that Milwaukee is the reputed birthplace of the Kia Boyz movement which spawned the TikTok trending teaching kids how to easily steal Kias and Hyundais. That has added to the reckless driving problem in many cities all over North America.

Image via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel