Motorcycle Implants Itself In Car Engine Bay

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Motorcycle Implants Itself In Car Engine Bay
Motorcycle Implants Itself In Car Engine Bay

A police department in New Jersey shared quite the photo to social media recently that’s making people do a double take. In it, a cruiser motorcycle is featured with its front end literally embedded into the engine bay of a small crossover.

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This is the sort of thing nightmares are made of, at least for motorcyclists. After all, a crash like this would likely throw the rider hard, although from the crash scene it looks like nobody landed on the windshield or roof of the crossover.

Gloucester Township Police say on the night of May 13 two people were riding on the motorcycle when it collided head-on with the crossover. And just as we would expect, the male rider and female passenger were both thrown from the bike.


What’s more, both of them have been “severely injured” but there’s no mention of them being in critical condition. At least there’s that.

As for the people in the crossover, none were reportedly injured. This is typical for most accidents between motorcycles and cars, trucks, or SUVs. And this is why as a rider, you have to be far more proactive about safety and preventing crashes than if you were driving a car.

Police say this was a case of a driver not seeing a motorcycle, which happens all the time. Riders need to assume drivers just plain don’t see them because that’s likely true. The investigation uncovered that the motorcycle was going straight through an intersection when the crossover turned left in front of it, causing the crash. In other words, it sounds like this was entirely the driver’s fault, not the rider’s.

Even if a crash is the fault of a driver, as a rider you’re going to take the brunt of it. All riders should get professional instruction on riding defensively. That move could very well save your life.

Image via Gloucester Township Police/Facebook