Muscle Car Street Race Turns Into Ugly Head-On Collision

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Muscle Car Street Race Turns Into Ugly Head-On Collision
Muscle Car Street Race Turns Into Ugly Head-On Collision

Yet another bad street racing crash has happened, this time in Henderson, Nevada. It’s a stark reminder that while you might get a thrill out of racing other people on public roads, the practice not only is illegal but also incredibly dangerous and selfish.

Watch a husband and wife get busted for street racing each other.

According to the Henderson Police Department, the accident happened at about 8:14 pm on Memorial Day. A Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger were racing each other when the Dodge crashed on the 100 block of South Green.

Two of the five people riding in the Challenger and another car had to be extricated by fire crews, then transported to a local hospital. You can see from footage of the aftermath taken by WEHT that the wreck was bad.


The Challenger is demolished, and not just the front end. The collision was bad enough to reipple body panels all the way to the rear quarter panels. You’ll also notice the A-pillar is deformed, a bad sign for the preservation of the occupant safety cell.

The Sebring doesn’t look much better. It’s no wonder so many were sent to the hospital. No word on the condition of the injured has been provided, but we hope everyone recovers.

Police said they’ve been able to ascertain that during the illegal street race, the Mustang swerved in front of the Challenger for whatever reason. In response, the Dodge driver swerved into oncoming traffic, colliding head-on with a Chrysler Sebring.

The Mustang, however, escaped any collision. But the driver did return to the scene instead of just taking off. That’s admirable, although the street racing part isn’t. And we have to wonder why the driver swerved in front of the Challenger.

Ultimately, the lesson here is don’t street race. We know it’s tempting when you have a performance car, but it’s worth the effort finding a track where you can race other people and get it out of your system in a controlled environment.

Image via Eyewitness News WEHT WTVW/Youtube

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