LA Auto Show 2011:Cadillac reveals production XTS

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Fisburne. Always with the Fishburne. For their introduction of the new XTS sedan, Cadillac once again enlisted the sonorous, disembodied voice of the erstwhile Furious Styles. The XTS’s demeanor is markedly less furious than Cadillac’s current halo CTS-V and significantly less stylish than last summer’s Ciel concept. Does it have enough visual zip to play against Audi’s A6? That’s what Cadillac’s hoping for. Pricing’s in line with the A6, starting “somewhere in the 40s” according to Cadillac’s David Caldwell. We’d figure low-to-mid 40s.

The XTS compares favorably with the A6 on specs, with a 300-hp V6 standard and available all-wheel drive. Like the Audi, the two-wheel-drive version is motivated by the front wheels. One significant deviation is in rear-seat room. The Cad’s got significantly more of it. Long-wheelbase luxury cars are serious business in China — not to beat the Audi comparison to death, but the Chinese market has its own stretched version of the A6. In a market where the two biggest foreign players are GM and VW, that’s a serious card to play. So no, the XTS isn’t the S-Class fighter that some had hoped for from Cadillac, but it should play well in the Middle Kingdom, as well as with American livery services as the now-deceased Lincoln Town Car begins to age out of fleets.