Plane Breaks Up Mid-Air Over Tennessee, Killing 3 People Onboard

Photo: flightlog / Wikimedia Commons
Photo: flightlog / Wikimedia Commons

A Beechcraft V35 crashed near Franklin, Tennessee on Wednesday, killing all three people onboard. This wasn’t the typical single-engine plane crash, as Initial findings indicate the aircraft broke apart in the sky, ABC News reports. A 911 caller reported hearing an explosion that is believed to be the crash, according to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. Federal investigators are now combing through the debris field, looking for answers.

The V35 left Louisiana Regional Airport just southwest of Baton Rouge on Wednesday morning and was headed for Louisville, Kentucky. When the crash happened, the aircraft was in contact with air traffic control and started descending to 9,000 feet. The plane was registered to a Baton Rouge-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Lucius Doucet. He was killed in the crash. Doucet’s practice, Williamson Cosmetic Center, released a statement reading:

“The sudden and untimely loss of Dr. Doucet has left a deep void in our hearts and in our practice. We understand that many of you had strong bonds with him over the years, relying on his expertise, guidance and unwavering support.”


The identities of the two other victims have yet to be confirmed. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash. Local authorities aren’t sure where the incident started or ended. The crash area spans roughly a half-mile, with debris coming over in people’s yards and driveways, but residents didn’t report any structural damage.

General aviation is statistically more dangerous than commercial flying. It’s been 15 years since the last fatal airline crash in the United States. According to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, 157 fatal accidents involving non-commercial fixed-wing aircraft occurred in 2023. The crash in Tennessee was even the only fatal plane crash on Wednesday. An 18-year-old was killed when he crashed a Cessna 150L into a North Texas field after appearing to run out of fuel.

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