Porsche 911 Collides Head-On With Truck Pulling Horse Trailer

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Porsche 911 Collides Head-On With Truck Pulling Horse Trailer
Porsche 911 Collides Head-On With Truck Pulling Horse Trailer

Some of the worst car accidents are when a small sports car and heavy-duty truck collide, especially head-on. That’s what happened on I-80 near Salt Lake City, Utah on Memorial Day after a Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet ended up speeding the wrong way.

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Footage of the aftermath doesn’t look pretty. The Porsche sustained heavy front-end damage; the driver was flown to the hospital in critical condition. Fortunately, a nurse came across the accident right after it happened. She told Fox 13 she immediately recognized he was the most in need of emergency care.

Image via Fox 13 News Utah/YouTube
Image via Fox 13 News Utah/YouTube

As for the truck, it ran off the right shoulder and came to rest on a steep embankment. While it looked to have sustained some front-end damage, it was nowhere nearly as bad off as the Porsche.


Witnesses described seeing the Porsche getting into a smaller accident first, then crashing through the deer barrier before going the wrong way on the interstate. One man said he though the 911 was stuck in the dirt, but that it kicked up a lot of dust rocketing forward in the wrong direction, indicating the driver was flooring it.

According to Fox 13, police believe impairment was a factor in the crash, although why wasn’t made apparent. Usually, people don’t drive into oncoming traffic unless they have a death wish, so that makes sense.

Still, this incident proves that you always have to be aware. Even if you’re obeying all the traffic rules doesn’t mean someone else won’t do something wildly unpredictable and dangerous, putting you at risk.

Thankfully, in this situation the truck and trailer weighed enough that only a passenger in the truck suffered minor injuries. All the animals were uninjured but obviously shaken from the ordeal.

With the warm weather come road trips and more people on highways. Everyone needs to be ready to take evasive action lest something like this happen again.

Images via Fox 13 News Utah/YouTube