Porsche 911 Driver Learns About Oversteer

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Porsche 911 Driver Learns About Oversteer
Porsche 911 Driver Learns About Oversteer

With a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, the Porsche 911 isn’t a car for amateurs. Prone to oversteer and yet still highly controllable for an experienced driver, the average person would struggle to handle one, especially at speed. This crash illustrates that beautifully.

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Our camera car is traveling in the center lane of I-4 in Florida when the Porsche comes flying past in the right lane. That driver cuts across the middle lane to the left lane to avoid slower traffic ahead.

Had that driver been paying closer attention to what was going on further down the road, let alone not been speeding big time, he might have been able to avoid suddenly cutting across the lanes of traffic. This is why nobody should treat public roads, whether they’re highways or surface streets, like a personal racetrack.


That’s not the guy’s first critical mistake. As he cuts across the those lanes of traffic, instead of throttle steering to adjust for the oversteer, the guy obviously lifts. Never lift.

Punching the brakes transfers the weight from the rear to the front tires. On a rear-wheel-drive car, that weight transference causes you, the driver, to lose control of the car’s trajectory. This is why racecar drivers religiously say to never lift.

The guy does, and as he slams on the brakes the back end gets loose and almost collides with the center wall at speed. By sheer luck that doesn’t happen, but the back end keeps rotating so the guy does a complete 180.

But the spinning doesn’t stop there, the Porsche rotating another 180-degrees.

Instead of coming to a stop pointed in the right direction with not much damaged done to the car, the driver fails to gain control. The Porsche wobbles for a second, then ambles left, diving nose-first into the center divider. The painful crunch sounds expensive.

Never lift. And don’t race around on public roads.

Image via WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando/YouTube

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