Pretty Much Every Porsche Taycan in America Is Being Recalled

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Porsche Taycans Recalled Over Leaky BrakesPorsche

Porsche's premier electric vehicle is going through some growing pains, it seems. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has just issued a recall tens of thousands of Taycan units for braking problems. With around 32,000 models affected in the U.S., the federal regulator says that certain 2020–2025 Porsche Taycan models run the risk of losing front braking pressure entirely

Specifically, the recall states that the front brake hoses may, over time, develop cracks leading to brake fluid leakage, in turn draining the front end of brake pressure. Notably, the rear brake hoses return unaffected, isolating the problem to the front axle. The NHTSA says that certain steering movements and driving conditions stress the front brake hoses at the point of "minimum bending radius" and damage the inner fabric layer of the brake hoses.

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Taycan owners will likely get a warning before a complete failure happens, with "brake fluid low" or "PSM failure" messages appearing on the dash depending on the level of leakage.


Porsche first heard of this potential quality control issue in June 2023, with seven reports coming from the U.S., and dove into testing hose pressure limits and potential design flaws in their original braking system. Throughout these year-long tests, Porsche determined that rear braking pressure would remain viable in the event of full front pressure loss, but that there was indeed a design flaw in the front end. There have been no attributable accidents reported in the U.S.

As a result, new front brake hoses with an increased bending radius will be installed at no cost to the consumer, Porsche says. Because these hoses are more flexible than the initial batch, Porsche says that the overall load on the front brake hoses will be greatly reduced. Taycan customers will begin receiving their notice of recall by mid-August, the NHTSA says. Additionally, the federal agency estimates that only about five percent of the 32,000 Taycans recalled will be affected by the issue.

Examining Porsche's year-end sales data and tallying the number of Taycans sold in the States shows that pretty much every 2020 through 2025 model year Taycan is included in this recall. In fact, the production dates for those affected span from October 21, 2019, through June 13, 2024 — shortly after production began and a day after the official recall was posted, respectively. Porsche has yet to issue a stop sale or discourage owners from driving their Taycan.

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