Recent analysis reveals promising range for 'Highland' variant of Tesla Model 3: 'Consumers should not need to alter their long-standing fueling habits'

Battery range has long been an issue for those considering purchasing an electric vehicle. The latest news for the Tesla Model 3 "Highland" indicates that EV owners are closer than ever to making pit stops for the same duration as drivers with gas-powered vehicles.

Teslarati reported that the independent automotive research firm AMCI recently shared their analysis of which EV models charge the quickest. This series of testing is called "MP6," named after the duration of time for the average gas station stop: six minutes.

The MP6 rating for each tested vehicle reflects how many miles of battery range each vehicle can charge in six minutes.

In the latest round of testing, the Tesla Model 3 "Highland" came in first place with an MP6 rating of 60.5. The Toyota bZ4X came in second place with only 35.0 MP6.


AMCI stated: "Consumers should not need to alter their long-standing fueling habits — nor the amount of time they are willing to dedicate to enroute fueling." This latest news could encourage consumers who have been on the fence about purchasing an EV to take the plunge.

Tesla has been in the news for other ways the company is enticing potential customers. The Texas-based company recently announced a new leasing plan for its Model 3 rear-wheel drive vehicles. The car is now available to lease for only $299 a month, excluding taxes and fees, with a $2,999 down payment.

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In another financial move, Tesla is making their vehicles more accessible to people by lowering the cost of the Model Y, S, and X in the United States. Electrek reported the cost of each of these vehicles was dropped by $2,000.

These actions by Tesla help drive us all toward a cleaner, safer future. More EVs on the road means fewer gas-powered vehicles releasing harmful, planet-warming air pollution.

As CleanTechnica said in analyzing Experian data: "8.2% of new car sales in 2023 were electric car sales, whereas only 5.7% of new car sales in 2022 were electric car sales. Word on the street is that the 2024 EV adoption trend is even higher thus far."

With faster battery charges, quicker pit stops, and lower costs for EVs, it's no surprise CleanTechnica also said, "it's clear that the electric vehicle market is making fast strides upward."

For more information on making your next car an EV, check out TCD's helpful guide.

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