Running In A Ford Fusion Proves Fatal

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Running In A Ford Fusion Proves Fatal
Running In A Ford Fusion Proves Fatal

Maybe not the best choice for a getaway car?

A Georgia man is dead after he used his Ford Fusion to lead a state trooper in a high-speed chase through heavy highway traffic. Dashcam footage of the incident shows how the suspect swerved while trying to thread between two slower-traveling vehicles, oversteering into an embankment, flipping the sedan and sustaining fatal injuries.

A Georgia gang has been busy breaking into hundreds of cars.

Most people who run from police are severely lacking in planning and preparation, which ironically is usually why the end up running in the first place. We don’t know why this guy feared a traffic stop, but after the Georgia trooper noticed the suspect was making illegal lane changes and tailgating other drivers, his attempt to stop the Ford Fusion was met with resistance.


We can’t see for sure, but if we had to bet we’d be fairly certain the Fusion was running some balding/unevenly worn all-season tires. While those are okay for most weather conditions (not snow, but it doesn’t usually snow in Atlanta) all-seasons are suitable solutions for your average driver. However, not maintaining the tires isn’t good, but driving hard on such tires in a vehicle that wasn’t really designed for aggressive handling at above the posted highway speed limit is just asking for it.

On top of that, like so many other suspects who run from cops, this guy probably has zero formal training outside of maybe driver’s ed or a parent/sibling passing on bad habits. When you’re really pushing the envelope in your ride, high-speed training is key to not wrecking out. In this instance, the trooper shows excellent discipline while the suspect is erratic and flirting with disaster repeatedly.

Going back even further, a lack of preparing coupled with multiple thinking errors often lead to a life of crime. Typically, people who run from law enforcement have a history of making poor decisions and not thinking about consequences. In other words, they don’t plan ahead.

Sadly, in this chase the suspect’s lack of preparation ultimately led to his oversteering into an embankment, flipping his car, and dying. Some might say this is justice served, and you can look at it that way, but it’s also a life tragically wasted by the suspect himself.

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