Truck Driver Intentionally Crashes Through Grocery Store

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Truck Driver Intentionally Crashes Through Grocery Store
Truck Driver Intentionally Crashes Through Grocery Store

The vehicle you drive is capable of incredible destruction should you choose to use it improperly. That’s especially true of anyone driving a large commercial truck. When such a vehicle is abused, like what a trucker in Millington, Tennessee did recently, the results can be devastating.

Milwaukee police chief gets in a crash right after lecturing about driving safety at press conference.

According to WKRN, Clarence Carter reportedly went into a Kroger grocery store just before midnight on April 9 and caused some sort of disturbance inside. We’re guessing he was pretty hot under the collar after leaving the store, because he got into his truck, fired it up, and drove right through the front entrance.


Somehow, nobody was hurt or worse, but the situation easily could’ve been a mass casualty event. Using vehicles this way is no laughing matter.

According to WATE, Carter was trying to flee the scene of the intentional crash when police showed up and collared him. Now he’s facing some serious consequences for actions taken in the heat of the moment.

In fact, there’s some question about whether the truck even belongs to Carter or if it was stolen. That might be why he didn’t care about damaging it.

What Carter did is akin to road rage. People get so fired up about perceived slights, threats, or anything they don’t like that they fly off the handle, then use their vehicle like the ultimate weapon against the object of their aggression.

Millington Public Safety Director Gary Graves told WATE that the truck was lodged into the grocery store so precariously it had to be taken apart to be removed. The image of the aftermath shows the cab took quite a bit of damage, although the rest of it looked surprisingly unscathed.

Image via WKRN News 2/YouTube