Watch A Car Briefly Serve As A Plane Before Crashing Into House

The airborne car jumped a pickup and smashed into the garage. - Screenshot: NBCLA via YouTube
The airborne car jumped a pickup and smashed into the garage. - Screenshot: NBCLA via YouTube

Drivers have jumped all kinds of mad stuff in recent months, including one who got airborne jumping over a low-loader on a highway. Now, a driver in California got some serious air and managed to hop over a parked pickup truck before smashing into a garage.

The driver in Jurupa Valley, which is about 51 miles east of Los Angeles, mounted a manicured lawn before leaping through the air, reports USA Today. The car then hopped over one parked truck, before crashing through a garage door and hitting another truck parked on the driveway. As it smashed through the garage, the car came perilously close to a Ford Mustang parked inside.

The driver of the smashed car was able to get out in one piece, but they were taken to hospital for checks by local law enforcement. As USA Today explains:


“The driver of the vehicle was able to self-extricate prior to fire department arrival”, the department said in a statement. “The driver suffered minor to moderate injuries and was transported to a local hospital via ground ambulance for further treatment.”

Fire services attended the scene at around 6:30 am on April 4, reports USA Today. Officers found “major damage” had been caused to the home, but reported that the driver of the flying car, who has not been identified, was the only person to suffer injuries.

The driver of the car was reportedly attempting to make a turn before they mounted the grass. The move was all caught on a Ring doorbell camera in a property opposite the crash site. In the clip, you can also see the devastation left once it’s smashed through the garage door.

However, charges have not been filed following the incident, reports the Daily Mail. According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s office, the driver experienced a “medical emergency,” which caused the incident and means that no criminal charges have been filed against them

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