Watch A Car Nearly Leap Clear Over An Entire House In High-Speed Crash

You can’t park there, mate. - Gif: AZ Family Arizona News via YouTube
You can’t park there, mate. - Gif: AZ Family Arizona News via YouTube

There must be something in the water, because speeding cars keep getting dangerously close to smashing through people’s homes. After a car in California served briefly as a plane before plowing through someone’s garage, a driver in Phoenix has now tried their hand at aerobatics this week.

CCTV captured footage of the car racing over a curb before flipping into the air and almost coming crashing down on the roof of Daniel Miller’s home, reports CNN. The vehicular acrobatics took place on May 6 near Interstate 17 and Cactus Road.

According to CNN, footage of the crash was captured by a home security camera, which spied the car flipping above Miller’s shed, which doubles as a home office that he works from every day. Miller told CNN:


I felt and heard thunder shaking the house for about four seconds and then a bright flash, extremely bright, I thought I would get a sunburn from it being so bright. Then all the electricity went out immediately.

I’m surprised they didn’t land on my back yard, or in my shed. They could have come right through the wall and injured me.

The car was captured on CCTV speeding along the road before the crash, reports local news outlet Fox 10. It was then seen mounting the curb and flipping close to an electrical pole and Miller’s home office. Police report that the driver fled the scene once the car had come to a stop.

Nobody in the home or on the street at the time of the crash was injured, reports local news. However, the condition of the driver is so far unknown.

As such, Phoenix police are investigating the crash and are appealing for information from anyone who may have seen something in the lead up to the dramatic collision.

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