Watch A Ford Mustang Chop Down A Tree

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Watch A Ford Mustang Chop Down A Tree
Watch A Ford Mustang Chop Down A Tree

One thing we know for certain: if you wait long enough, a video of a Ford Mustang wrecking out big time will appear on the internet. If Benjamin Franklin were alive today, he’d undoubtedly agree it’s just as certain as death and taxes. This latest one features a Mustang chopping down a tree, which admittedly is a new trick.

Ford Mustang involved in crash that left a Lamborghini Urus mangled.

The footage shows a guy either trying to drift or do a burnout with his pony car on a straightaway. WE can’t tell which because a straight section of road seems like an odd place to drift, but maybe there’s a turn out of frame he just exited. Also, there isn’t much tire smoke, so if it was a burnout attempt, he was failing big time.


Either way, he does end up drifting right off the left shoulder and onto the grass. The ground falls away in a steep slope and the Mustang just went right down it, colliding with a tree and just chopping the sucker down in the best Paul Bunyan impressions we’ve ever seen from a car.

Somone on top of the building is cheering, probably realizing he was witnessing one of the famed Mustang crashes people will be talking about for some time.

While the tree likely slowed the pony car down, it didn’t stop the Ford’s descent of the hill. We see it come to a rest, then still photos after show how it ran into the back of a Ford F-150. In a way that’s ironic and fitting.

For once we have a Mustang not taking out a crowd or hitting a pole, but instead going after raw wood in the form of a tree trunk. We have to say, this new trick is quite entertaining.

Everyone can debate about why Mustangs crash like this so often. It used to be the solid rear axle was blamed, but newer models have an independent rear and yet they keep wrecking out.

Check out the video for yourself.

Images via 310_1320/Instagram

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