Watch A Road Rage Driver PIT Another Car

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Watch A Road Rage Driver PIT Another Car
Watch A Road Rage Driver PIT Another Car

No matter where people live, it seems like everyone is in agreement that road rage is out of control lately. It seems like individuals are driving angrier than ever, taking it out on fellow motorists who are just trying to go home or get to the store. But this driver in Georgia punched things up a few notches, pitting out the object of his ire.

A second dashcam video sheds a different light on an infamous road rage case.

It used to be that if someone were road raging they would roll down their window, yell, and maybe make a few rude gestures. Back when that was a thing people were concerned things were getting out of hand on public roads.


But now we have drivers who think they get to ram their car into someone else’s ride as if they were the police. That said, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a road rage incident that ended in a PIT maneuver.

This incident, which happened on I-285 northbound before the Washington Rd exit in the state of Georgia, was thankfully caught on a traffic camera. You can see the red car hit the back quarter panel of the other vehicle, sending it careening toward the center barrier.