Wild Crash Caught On Camera After Car Flips Through Traffic Circle

Gif: NBC10 Boston
Gif: NBC10 Boston

Sometimes cameras are just in the right place at the right time to capture some truly wild stuff on video. Without a well-placed camera, we’d never get to witness this guy in Revere, Massachusetts jump his car through a traffic circle and flip it on the other side. We really live in a beautiful world.

The exact cause of the crash is still under investigation, according to NBC10 Boston. Fortunately (and why we don’t feel too bad about sharing this video), none of the three people in the white SUV were seriously hurt, though they were taken to a local hospital for evaluation. Police say the crash happened on March 16, and there’s no word on exactly why it happened, but you can tell from the video the driver was moving.

The SUV was driving south on Route 107 near Boston when it failed to make a right turn into the traffic circle (which they apparently call a “rotary” in New England). The vehicle hit the curb of the circle and shot sparks into the air. Eventually, it hits a bump and goes airborne, eventually rolling end over end with three people inside.

“Unfortunately, it is a very common occurrence that happens there, especially in the late night hours. There’s a lot of traffic — heavy vehicular traffic — and we do have quite a bit of accident there,” Revere Police Cheif David Callahan tells NBC10 with the most stereotypical Boston accent you’ve ever heard.

Photo: NBC10 Boston via YouTuve
Photo: NBC10 Boston via YouTuve

Days later, you can still see the aftermath of last weekend’s crash scattered around the traffic circle — broken signs and a screwed-up facade are dead giveaways something bad happened here.


“Very interesting treasure chest out on that rotary of different car parts from the accidents. You may find a car bumper, license plates, other pieces of car parts. The rotary sign gets knocked down frequently,” Callahan tells NBC10, again with the most mystifying Boston accent you’ve ever heard.

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