Arizona Woman Survives Car Crash, Being Trapped For Almost Two Days

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Arizona Woman Survives Car Crash, Being Trapped For Almost Two Days
Arizona Woman Survives Car Crash, Being Trapped For Almost Two Days

Arizona is famous for its rugged landscape, something many locals and visitors like to get out and enjoy. There’s always a risk to traveling through remote areas, especially when you’re alone. Fortunately, a woman who crashed her car and was trapped inside for almost two days survived the ordeal.

The infamous Belltown Hellcat owner has a history of domestic violence allegations against him.

The unnamed woman was rescued from the wreckage of her Lexus on June 15 after she wrecked out on June 13. She was driving in a desolate area about ten miles north of Lake Pleasant, reports 12 News, when somehow her vehicle went off the dirt road, tumbling 200 feet below.


Badly damaged, the Lexus’ doors wouldn’t open so the woman was trapped inside. A survival expert told 12 News that might have saved her life. Knowing the Arizona desert well ourselves, we have to agree. Many people don’t understand how quickly the desert can dehydrate a person.

She had water and snacks with her, using those for sustenance while waiting for help to arrive. Some mountain bikers who were on a nearby trail happened to spot the crashed crossover and used GPS to alert authorities to the situation. Cell service is completely unavailable in the area.

During the summer, people travel a lot, including in their vehicles. They might be visiting areas they’re not familiar with while seeking adventure. That comes with risks, which is why we recommend bringing more water and food than you think you need, just in case.

Having other survival supplies on hand isn’t a bad idea, either. Those can include a space blanket, flashlight, compass, and some sort of fire starter. Some might think that sounds paranoid, but we’re pretty sure the woman trapped in her Lexus would disagree.

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