What New Cars Will Be Timeless In A Few Decades?

Photo: Ford
Photo: Ford

The cars currently rolling out onto our roads for the first time will likely be around for a long time. On average, a modern vehicle lasts roughly a dozen years. Looking back, certain vehicles from the 2010s can be easily marked as from that era and not for the better. I hate calling out an automaker in particular, butDodge’s signature crosshair grill got dropped for a reason.

What new cars today do you think will be timeless in a few decades? I want to see your picks for the vehicles that will be adored and desired in the 2040s. I’m willing to hear you out no matter what vehicle ends up in the comments section. However, you better have a strong case if you believe that a crossover SUV from the endless list of crossovers has that special something to make the cut.

The current iteration of the Ford Mustang is a decent choice for making the leap into immortality. The tri-bar LED headlights are the most prominent visual element that makes this Mustang distinguishable from the others. While it certainly helps to be the latest model in a well-established lineage, the seventh-generation pony car has a look that stands apart from its predecessors but respects the Mustang’s traditional silhouette. Please don’t hesitate to share your choice below, even if it’s a crossover.

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