Crazy Man Skates On Supercharged Lamborghini Sterrato

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Crazy Man Skates On Supercharged Lamborghini Sterrato
Crazy Man Skates On Supercharged Lamborghini Sterrato

In a jaw-dropping video that has recently gone viral, a man is seen riding on top of a supercharged Lamborghini Sterrato, treating the powerful vehicle as if it were a skateboard or a sandworm from "Dune." The spectacle not only showcases the man's daring stunt but also highlights the impressive capabilities of the off-road beast.

The Lamborghini Sterrato, known for its off-road prowess, is featured in the video navigating rugged terrain with ease. This particular Sterrato isn't just any model; it has been modified to produce a staggering 830 horsepower, making it even more formidable. The modifications include a VF8XX supercharger, which adds 220 horsepower to the already potent off-roader.

The custom enhancements are part of the VF8XX power package, which includes a 2.3K Roots-Style Supercharger System, a dedicated cooling system, and performance ECU software. These upgrades significantly boost the Sterrato's performance, allowing it to tackle off-road tracks with remarkable agility and power.


Seeing the Hypercharged Sterrato in action, especially with someone riding on top of it, brings to life Lamborghini's vision of a high-performance off-road supercar. The video captures the essence of what the Sterrato was designed for – thrilling adventures and unparalleled performance on challenging terrains.

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