Drowned Chevy Silverado Listed For Sale

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Drowned Chevy Silverado Listed For Sale
Drowned Chevy Silverado Listed For Sale

We see some weird car ads out there, but lately it seems like they’ve gotten even weirder. But nothing prepared us for this Facebook Marketplace ad featuring a 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD which ended up getting submerged in a pond. The listing even shows the truck completely submersed and being pulled out of the water.

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According to the seller, one Kris M Harkey, this zero-turn lawnmower ended up in the pond on his property for reasons. So, like anyone would do, the guy backed his truck up to the water’s edge to recover the mower. Only, the Chevy just kept going into the levy, or pond in this case.

Image via Kris M Harkey/Facebook Marketplace
Image via Kris M Harkey/Facebook Marketplace

Mr. Harkey makes it clear in his ad that he wasn’t drunk when he drove the pickup truck into the pond. We guess that makes a difference versus get confused between reverse and drive on the transmission.


The guy shows plenty of photos of the aftermath, which includes some body damage, but the interior looks surprisingly good. He claims the 6.0-liter LS engine will turn over by hand and ignition freely, plus that supposedly there aren’t any signs of bent pushrods. But what will it take to get it running again and is it even worth doing that?

Despite being in nine feet of water for a few days, the guy didn’t file an insurance claim since the truck is paid for, so the title is clean. The thing is we know water damage can cause all kinds of hidden issues in a vehicle that don’t manifest fully for weeks or even months after. That can include electrical, structural, etc.

It seems Mr. Harkey understands that because he’s listed the Silverado 2500 HD for just $1,700 OBO. The thing might be more useful as a parts vehicle at this point. But do you think that price is fair, all things considered?

Check out the listing for yourself here.

Images via Kris M Harkey/Facebook Marketplace