Lamborghini Urus Stolen With Shocking Ease From Salt Lake City Airport

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Lamborghini Urus Stolen With Shocking Ease From Salt Lake City Airport
Lamborghini Urus Stolen With Shocking Ease From Salt Lake City Airport

The Lamborghini Urus isn’t just the most popular model produced by the Italian automaker, it’s favored by car thieves. One was recently stolen from the parking structure at Salt Lake City International Airport earlies this month and did so with shocking ease.

Thieves swipe pricey truck from airport parking.

Surveillance footage from the short term parking garage shows the man, who had a hoodie on to help obscure his identity, going around trying door handles on different cars. We see this tactic so often, both in public parking and in driveways at night.

He hit paydirt with the Lamborghini Urus since the owner left the key inside. Before you start ranting about how dumb people are, and leaving your key in any vehicle is most certainly dumb, just know this is an incredibly common practice.


Salt Lake City Police say they believe the suspect, whose face was caught in surveillance footage inside the airport, flew in on June 3 and went straight to the parking garage. In other words, he was there specifically to steal a car.

This is the other point we want to stress: airport parking lots and garages are increasingly becoming car thieves’ hunting grounds. Think about it: vehicles are parked for days, many of them luxury models, with pretty much nobody around to stop you from taking your time getting breaking in and getting one started.

We highly recommend people have a friend, Uber, or a taxi drive them to the airport instead of leaving their car parked while they’re out of town. Sure, it’s convenient to just drive there and drive home when you get back, but the risk is tremendous.

Also, if you have keyless entry and ignition, don’t leave your key inside the car. Keep it on you so thieves can’t just open up your ride and drive away with it.

Images via Salt Lake City Police Department

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