Motorcycle Near Miss Is A Brown Pants Moment

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Motorcycle Near Miss Is A Brown Pants Moment
Motorcycle Near Miss Is A Brown Pants Moment

While you have to constantly stay aware of your surroundings while driving a car, you really have to be keyed up for anything when riding a motorcycle. It’s a good thing this guy was ready for the unexpected when he was commuting to work, otherwise he would’ve been a street pizza in no time.

Start seeing police motorcycles.

According to Reddit user Noneyabeeswax121, who uploaded the video of his scary ride, he was traveling in the express lane on a Colorado highway when the cars in front of him encountered some unexpected debris in the road.

The guy is just cruising along, not speeding relative to the flow of traffic and not following too closely. So he’s being safe, but in an instant everything changes as you can see one piece of debris get run over by a car in the next lane over, shooting it into the motorcyclist’s lane.


Suddenly there’s even more debris as a truck in the next lane over runs into it and stops. At the same time, two cars swerve to avoid the debris and each other, but there’s still a little contact between them.

All this unfolds instantly as the biker approaches. Without enough time to stop completely, plus the risk of getting rearended by another vehicle, sandwiching him between cars, the guy has to thread his way past the two crashed rides, coming inches from each of them.

That’s not easy since the second car is still moving and veers a little towards the motorcycle.

Understandably, the guy lets out a yell of relief after he successfully clears the chaos. Surviving three close calls rapidly like that will make you feel alive

One thing to note: from what we can see, this rider was truly dressed for the slide, not the ride. While he kept his bike upright and didn’t crash, you can’t always guarantee you won’t end up taking a quick slide down the blacktop. Wearing clothing which protects against road rash is a must.

Image via Reddit