Watch A Datsun 280Z’s First Bath In 44 Years

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This rare Datsun 280Z receive its first wash in 44 years.

A barn find car is akin to a time capsule, preserving a piece of automotive history and emerging from obscurity to captivate enthusiasts and casual observers alike. One such fascinating discovery is a Datsun 280Z, which, after sitting untouched for 44 years, has just 350 original miles on the odometer. In a remarkable video, we witness this classic car receive its first wash in decades, revealing its hidden beauty beneath layers of dust and grime.

When the new owner first encountered the car, it was so dirty that the interior was invisible through the windows. The journey to its new home disturbed some of the accumulated dirt, but the vehicle remained in a remarkably filthy state. However, despite its neglected exterior, the interior was pristine, featuring the original shipping wrap on the driver's seat, a tag on the sun visor, and even retaining the new car smell.


The current owner, a devoted fan of the Datsun Z models, recounts the story of how he came to acquire this rare find. After restoring a barn find 1984 Nissan 300ZX that belonged to his late father-in-law, he was introduced to the possibility of another barn find—a Datsun 280Z. A contact informed him of the car's existence, and after some negotiation, he managed to purchase it.

The car's history is as intriguing as its condition. The original owner, Dave, bought the car new from a dealership in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Shortly after bringing it home, a dent in the fender and a poorly matched paint job after a dealer repair prompted Dave to begin disassembling the car for a complete repaint. Unfortunately, he was laid off, and the project was put on hold. By the time his financial situation improved, his interests had shifted to pickups, and the Datsun was left to languish in the barn.

Now, this rare gem is receiving the attention it deserves. Watching the car's first wash in over four decades is a mesmerizing experience, as the dirt and grime give way to reveal the classic lines and details of the Datsun 280Z. It's a testament to the enduring appeal of these vehicles and the passion of their owners.

This Datsun 280Z, with its incredibly low mileage and storied past, might just be one of the rarest barn finds of its kind. Whether it holds the title of the rarest or not, it certainly stands out as an extraordinary discovery that continues to capture the imagination of car enthusiasts everywhere.

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