Watch A Repo Man Diffuse A Tense Situation Quickly

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Watch A Repo Man Diffuse A Tense Situation Quickly
Watch A Repo Man Diffuse A Tense Situation Quickly

Sometimes people voluntarily surrender their vehicle to the bank when they’re no longer able to make the payments. While that’s certainly more honorable than what we see in this video a Chevy Silverado being repossessed, it’s still going to be an emotional situation for the debtor. It’s when people hold onto a ride they can’t pay for and try dodging the repo man that things can really go sideways.

Cadillac Escalade repo exposes how little people know about cars.

That’s what this tow truck driver gets to deal with as he hunts for a 2008 Chevy Silverado. And hunting he absolutely does. It sounds like this debtor has been dodging the repo man for a while. This time around, the GPS on the truck at first pings at the guy’s house, then later pings at a different address.


We think by this point repossession agents are wise to the parking your car at a friend’s or neighbor’s house trick. But it appears this guy tries it anyway. Or he ran over to pay a visit to someone. Either way, the repo man knows where it is.

The debtor is right there when the tow truck scoops the back end of the pickup off the ground. He gets into the cab, which is always a bad sign.

Sure enough, the guy immediately tries driving the Silverado off the boom. It doesn’t work, either because it’s just a two-wheel-drive model or he didn’t engage four-wheel drive. Either way, that keeps him from getting away.

Realizing escape isn’t an option, the debtor then turns to outrage at the lender. If you ever have the misfortune of finding yourself in this position, the worst thing you can do is expect the repo man to know what’s going on with your loan. They just get repossession orders from lenders, then they go and take vehicles. That’s it. They don’t know the details and probably don’t want to know.

But they sure hear a lot of sob stories. While some people genuinely are down on their luck and we feel for them, others seem to think they don’t have to pay their bills. Either way, when the repo man gets your car in the air, it’s over.

This tow truck driver just stays calm and acts cool with the debtor. That deescalates the situation rapidly. We’ve seen other repo men take things personally and turn a tense repossession into a full-on brawl. How this guy does it is a much better way.

Image via Towtruck_Dustin/YouTube