BMW's Electric M3 is in the Works

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BMW's Electric M3 is in the Works
BMW's Electric M3 is in the Works

BMW is venturing into the electric performance car arena with plans to introduce an electric M3, potentially named the i3 M, that promises to set new benchmarks. This move is part of BMW's broader strategy to embrace electric vehicles (EVs), with several future M cars based on the company's innovative Neue Klasse platform.

In a recent interview with Motor Trend, Frank van Meel, head of BMW's M division, discussed the upcoming electric M3. This vehicle, expected to debut in 2026 or 2027, will be derived from the Neue Klasse compact sedan platform. Van Meel confidently stated that the electric M3 "will beat everything" seen before, indicating the M division's serious commitment to EV technology.


The Neue Klasse platform, unveiled through the Vision Neue Klasse concept, will serve as the foundation for this revolutionary M car. The electric M3 will likely revive the i3 badge, previously used for BMW's electric hatchback. The focus will be on achieving unprecedented performance levels, with initial powertrain development aiming for at least 1,000 kW (approximately 1,341 horsepower), making it faster than any previous M car.

A key feature of the electric M3 will be its four-motor electric powertrain, providing individual motors for each wheel. This setup allows for precise power distribution, enhancing handling and stability. Van Meel emphasized that the M division is working to ensure the car delivers "neutral, linear, and predictable" handling, even under extreme conditions.

For M purists, there's reassuring news. Van Meel confirmed that rear-wheel-drive configurations will remain available in future M EVs, preserving the driving dynamics that enthusiasts cherish.

The Neue Klasse platform will also underpin other upcoming BMW models, including a crossover in the X3 segment. Previewed by the Neue Klasse X concept, this crossover is expected to launch as early as next year, potentially replacing the current iX3. An M version of this crossover is also anticipated.

BMW's push into electric performance cars represents a significant shift for the brand, blending its rich heritage of high-performance vehicles with cutting-edge EV technology. The forthcoming i3 M and other Neue Klasse-based models promise to redefine what's possible in the realm of electric sports cars.

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